Monday, 23 May 2016


We now have a Friends group. Prior to the Tour de Yorkshire, quite a number of people signed up as volunteers to help in any way they could. Thirty-three of them turned out to help with the 'Clean for the Queen' event and 2.88 tons of rubbish was weighed in at the end of it. Since then, we have been asked by the Co-op if we would like to join in their 'Big Clean-Up' fortnight and have taken the opportunity to carry on the good work with an event on Saturday 2 July, which will be just right in preparation for the 'Don Gorge Goes Fishing Activity Day' which is being arranged for Friday 29 July. This event is being organised by the Canal & River Trust in conjunction with Derby & District Angling Association, Warmsworth Parish Council and ourselves and is aimed at family and schoolchildren, to give them information about the fish in the River Don and to have a go at fishing. Let's hope both days are full of sunshine and fun!
However, the FRIENDS group is not all about being involved physically. Some are not able to do so for a variety of reasons, but we welcome them as people interested in the work we are trying to do and who will spread the word for us and tell others about us and events we might be running. We now have about 60 people signed up and would like many more, so please feel free to join us. All I need is your name and contact details, eg address, telephone no, email address. An email address is esssential, however, as it is the main way of communicating. My email is


The ruins of the Copley Pump near the Lock now have an interpretation sign explaining their history. This has been provided by Sprotbrough Preservation Association, so we offer our thanks to them. Our Conservation Volunteers erected it, so thanks to them too.


DON GORGE THIS WAY After months - years even - of trying we have now got a sign directing people to the Don Gorge from Sprotbrough village. For a long time, people have been asking, "Where is the Don Gorge?" but it has been a long, hard slog getting signage in place. We are hoping that another one will eventually take its place at Warmsworth crossroads, but we understand there are so many signs there that they are all being reviewed and ours will be put into the mix when decisions about which are really needed have been made. In the meantime let's give a big cheer for the one we have now. Hip, Hip, Hurray.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


It has been suggested that we do another clean up, supported by the Co-op, on Saturday 2 July. I am currently checking out whether anyone would like to take part in this before deciding either way. I have emailed all known contacts, but if anyone else would like to come along, please email me know so that I can let everyone know if it is going ahead. My email is: Thanks.


Despite the fact that our event had to be cancelled, it was an excellent day enjoyed by many. The Women's and the Men's races were able to cover the same route from Otley to Doncaster and approximately 2000 spectators surrounded the hairpin bends to watch them. The only disappointment was that televsion did not cover our day due to technical problems. The weather was good, apart from a small shower during the men's race in the afternoon, following a bitterly cold day the day before when we were putting up our banner and bunting, sewn by Betty Brockman and knitted by Jackie Humphries and Margaret Bark. Unfortunately someone decided they wanted Jackie's and stole it before we were able to take it down and return it to her on the following Tuesday. Photos can be seen on our website, as well as on the Sprotbrough Tour de Yorkshire Facebook page. I also put a video of both races going round the hairpin bend on my own Facebook page.


This event, held on 9 April 2016, was very successful with 33 people collecting 2.88 tons of rubbish from the Don Gorge. Three parties covered the Trans-Pennine Trail, the Island and the area near the Fish and Eel Pass. Many congratulations were received from members of the public and thanks go to everyone who participated, including DMBC who removed all the rubbish. (See Our website for photographs.)