Saturday, 4 April 2020



I hope all our Friends are keeping safe during this difficult time.

I have been asked if I would circulate the following information regarding Helplines which can be accessed within the Doncaster area.  

Please feel free to use them or keep a regular check on the Healthwatch website or Facebook site to keep your eye on any changes which might come into force over the coming weeks, as they are updating both on a regular basis with  key information and links:    and our social media channels are sharing regular updates:

There is also regular information and updates shared through Doncaster Council’s website:

and through a Doncaster official Coronavirus Facebook page:

To access help and support from Doncaster Community Hub call 01302 430300, email   online chat   

The Local Hub based at the Dome is providing:

A Helpline  7 days a week from 8.00am to 8.00pm – anyone can ring this if they are vulnerable and have no other support or if they know of someone who needs help

An email service to access and request support

An online chat service daily from 8.00am to 8.00pm

Practical support such as urgent food supplies, shopping, collection of medication and checking up on vulnerable people

Signposting and connecting people to others in the local community and ideas for ways to keep well during this difficult time such as exercising at home, keeping connected; to friends and family or just finding someone to talk to  

A place for those who want to volunteer and help to co-ordinate this with existing voluntary and community organisations

You can also access the following for more information

Wednesday, 25 March 2020


The following has dropped into my email box and appears to be addressed to anyone with an opinion to put forward, so I am publishing it here.  It will perhaps be a bit of a challenge in itself to many people, but I feel sure it contains information of interest to many, so please feel free to participate in any way you think fit.

A message from the Environment Agency

"Corona virus is causing concern across the country for everyone. We wanted to update you about how the Environment Agency and our Environment Programme team has changed its working practices in response to the Covid19 advice from Government.

We are following guidance, and therefore all our staff will work from home, unless there is a critical need for alternative working.

As you might have experienced, we have been having connectivity issues, some linked to our own systems, and some due to national demand on the network. This week we have put in place arrangements for different ways of working to accommodate so many staff working from home, this has resulted in restricted, but more predictable and reliable network access for staff.

We are all making a quick transition in these difficult circumstances. As a result of the important restrictions, our Environment Programme team capacity will be reduced for the following key reasons; 
  • We are working with colleagues to support critical parts of the business, such as pollution response, asset or high risk inspections and national communications; our update EA Strategic Objectives are listed below. 
  • As individuals we continue to work, but many at reduced hours as we support our families and provide home schooling/ child care. 
This does mean that elements of the Environment Programme work may have to be slowed or postponed, but we will also be pooling our resources to make sure that we support our partners and your priority work.

We appreciate you will also be adjusting your ways of working, and so do update us how we can best support and work with you, and to highlight your priorities.

If we haven’t already, we will be in touch shortly with regards specific projects.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support at this challenging time, we look forward to continuing working with you to deliver more great work for the environment across Yorkshire."
Challenges and Choices consultation

The deadline for the Challenges and Choices consultation remains unchanged at 24th April 2020. The Don Network will be sending in a response, based on existing data and information - in particular the information gathered through the catchment plan review workshops.

If your organisation will no longer be able to submit a response or meet the deadline, please do let us know so that we can feed this back to the Environment Agency. 

Thursday, 13 February 2020


I’m afraid there isn’t a great deal to report this time as the November flood is still taking its toll.  My husband and I were evacuated from our house and spent 4 weeks in a Premier Inn before going on a long arranged holiday and returning to temporary accommodation.  The whole event has been quite traumatic and picking up the pieces has been very difficult.

Don Gorge Volunteers
However, our volunteers have continued to turn out on their regular sessions and have been hedge laying on the Trans Pennine Trail or working in the woodlands.  The Weirside project, ie wall building near the fish pass, has had to be halted because of flooding, but we have been given an extension  by Groundwork for Tesco Bags of Help and hope to finish it by the end of the Summer, fine weather prevailing.

Free Trees
The Woodland Trust have donated 105 trees to plant near the fish pass and they will be arriving by the middle of March and we expect to have a planting day early in April.  So check it out with me nearer the time.

Co op Community Fund
We have been very lucky to be chosen as one of the three main recipients of the Co op’s Community Fund this year and so far over £700 has been raised for us.  This is 1% of members shopping bills who have chosen to support us, so if you would like to join them by becoming members and choosing us, it only costs £1 to join and you would be doing us a great favour.  The nearest shops to us can be found at Mexborough on Adwick Road, Wheatley, Woodlands and Askern.  There is also a Co op Undertakers at Edlington which might be something to remember as that would count as well.

“Sprotbrough Oral History: From Rural Estate to Real Estate”
Our monthly meetings have been going really well, with the Christmas Party on the last Friday in November before the Christmas break.  Food was provided by Meryl White, writer of Grandma Abson’s Cookbook, and fruit cordials by Cllr Cynthia Ransome.  Quite a number of personal interviews have been held and we are hoping the book will be ready by early Summer.

Don Gorge Community Group AGM
This will be held prior to our next meeting on Monday 9 March 2020 at 10 am at Martinwells Centre.  We do not have any members as such, but anyone is able to attend as an observer.  Nominations for officers and committee should reach me by 2 March.

Liz Reeve