Tuesday, 23 June 2020


Further to this item in our latest Newsletter dated 21 June 2020, I have an apology to make. 

It has been discovered that, due to a misunderstanding, it is not possible for the Don Gorge Community Group to organise a litter pick on Friday 26 June as CRT are not carrying out any volunteering activities for groups at this time and it is considered that the organisation of such an event by us would be too onerous in terms of supervision and the provision of santised equipment and personal gloves, etc.

So, to clarify: CRT’s challenge is that individuals or families should consider picking up items of plastic as they take their daily walks along river or canal banks.  In this way, families would be responsible for observing acceptable social distancing and each group would be responsible for their own equipment necessary to avoid the transition of Covid 19,   Staying within the guidelines set out by the government is essential at this present time.

I am attaching below the link to CRT’s Challenge so that if anyone would like to register for the scheme they may do so.  It is obviously not necessary to register, but would show a level of commitment and support for the Challenge.

Apologies again for the previous misinformation.

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