Tuesday, 23 August 2016


You are invited to register for this walk. Please do so by emailing or texting as per the poster so that they know how many to expect. Many thanks.

Saturday, 6 August 2016


The weathermen promised a mixed day and we certainly got more than we bargained for. Rain in the morning, rain at mid-day and an absolute deluge at closing time, when we ended up like drowned rats as we dismantled the gazebo. But it didn’t deter the youngsters. From 10 o’ clock, they were arriving to take the bait and throughout the day over 50 sat on their boxes with mums or dads in attendance, receiving instruction and dangling their lines in the canal in the hope of catching fish. Surprisingly, to me anyway, many did and were thrilled to do so, even if they were only small ones. The Canal & Rivers Trust were equally thrilled with the response, so I suppose we should look out for more of the same at some time. The start given us when the Co-op sponsored the clean-up near the fish pass has encouraged our volunteers so that anyone now looking over the bridge side will see the great strides that have been made in clearing the balsam. It will grow back of course, but we aim to keep on top of it throughout the summer and will see how successful we have been by the time the seeding period is over. Well done everyone who has helped so far. I have been quite despondent over the litter problem in the last few weeks. It seems to be everywhere. I have phoned the council twice to empty bins, which they have done, but it continues to be a problem throughout the gorge from the Sprotborough side all the way up the hairpin bend to Warmsworth. Signs of drug use have also been found on the car park, along with takeaway food cartons, etc, and reported to the police, who will be keeping an eye on the situation. Users beware! We have recently started a friends group so that we can share information about events which are taking place; anyone who would like their name adding to the list, please email me and I will do so. There is no cost involved, it is just a communication tool, so don’t be shy. On a personal note, our garden has recently been judged for Doncaster in Bloom; anyone who would like to look round may do so, either by ringing the doorbell or phoning in advance if there are more than two or three of you. Donations will be in aid of the Don Gorge Community Group. Liz Reeve Secretary, Don Gorge Community Group 4 Lower Sprotborough Tel: 01302 313030 Email: lizreeve@dongorgecommunitygroup.com Blog: http://dongorgecommunitygroup.blogspot.com