Monday, 31 October 2011

Vandalism and Theft in the Don Gorge

Like most places these days, the Don Gorge is not without episodes of vandalism, but not only vandalism as theft has recently become part of the scene.  In the past, the bird hides have suffered from arson and even when new ones were built, they continued to suffer damage with the seating and shelving being destroyed and graffiti covering the walls.

A couple of years ago, the limestone meadow within the Sprotborough Plantation was fenced by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to enable sheep to graze, thereby encouraging wild flowers to grow more profusely and kissing gates were installed to allow continued public access to this area.  However, a few months ago, several sheep were found wandering in the woodland and the kissing gates were then found to be missing.  Five-bar gates have since been stolen, along with water tanks provided for the sheep. 

This is not the result of children being mischievious, as the gates are far too heavy and would need strong men to move and carry them to a vehicle.  Perhaps they have been stolen to order.  Whatever the reason, it is hard to understand the mentality of anyone who can purposely steal from the community.

If anyone has any information which might lead to the conviction of those responsible, we would be very pleased to receive it.

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