Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lower Sprotborough Recognised at Last

It might not seem much to you, and I must admit it's not what I thought we were getting, but I suppose we have to be grateful that for the first time ever a sign has been erected to show where the residents of  Lower Sprotborough (sorry Sprotbrough) actually live. 

After years of delivering services on a regular basis, the postman, the dustman and the recyclers have no trouble finding us, but to order something on the internet and ask for it to be delivered was to find that it had been returned to depot saying they couldn't find us.  Now they have no excuse - unless someone parks their car in front of it, of course. 

I had hoped for something a little grander, more in keeping with an area of outstanding natural beauty, but apparently that's not possible as the sign would have been too big.  And, as it's a private road, we weren't really entitled to one anyway!

So, a big thank you to DMBC for providing a sign which should, in theory anyway, solve all our delivery problems.

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