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Hi everyone

Autumn is now upon us and summer has passed us by; the year has passed so quickly and who knows what the winter will bring us.  The canal has already been over the top and everywhere seems very wet at present so we can only hope it won’t get any worse.

I hope everyone has had a good summer and enjoyable holidays.  We haven’t been anywhere since March so are ready for a Christmas and New Year break, which we are sharing with our daughter and her family.

Just to confirm that the calendar is now available for collection from me and that there are only a very few copies left if anyone want one.  I would be grateful if collection could be made asap or, alternatively, let me know if you can’t collect so that I can arrange delivery.  Many thanks.

More committee members would be very welcome as we are still operating without the necessary officers, ie chair and treasurer, so please give it some thought

The committee has met three times since July and a review shows that we have been involved in the following activities.

We hosted a good number of managers from the Co-op in July who did a great job bashing Balsam in the fish pass field, but we need to keep up our efforts if we are to win this battle. 



You may have noticed that this was missing for a while, but I can now report that it is back in place near the landing stage, having been restored magnificently by Ken Green with a little help from one or two other of our volunteer team.

We created a scarecrow for the village festival at the beginning of September, which received lots of favourable comments, and provided a bit of fun.

We are still pursuing the registration of this with Doncaster Ramblers and are looking for witness statements from anyone who has used it in the past or still does.  The further back we can go the better of course.  I have certainly been aware of the steps for most of my life and walked it years ago, though I must admit it hasn’t been a regular occurrence.  Apparently an application was started by someone on 19 November 2009, but not followed through. 

If you have ever used this footpath, all you need to do is write a statement saying how long you have known it was there and that you have used it. This statement should include your name, address and signature.  It should then be sent to me.

This group continues to meet on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year.  Numbers have varied throughout the summer due to holidays and family commitments, but we hope they will return to normal now that autumn is upon us.

Doncaster in Bloom: The presentation evening for this competition was held on 16 October and we were thrilled to hear that we had received Silver Gilt Standard for the historic wall which is being renovated by our volunteers near the fish pass.  You will remember we received a grant from Tesco Bags of Help towards this.  It is now almost complete and we are thinking about landscaping and how to finish it off with a picnic table, etc.  Free trees are being offered by the Woodland Trust and we are hoping we might be successful in obtaining some to use as part of this project.

Another brushcutter has been donated to our group by a Friend, for which we are very grateful.

Following the recent heavy rains, lots of rubbish has again come down the river.  Anyone able to take part in clearing some of this would be welcome to join the volunteers on the following scheduled workdays:
Tuesday 22 and Thursday 31 October.  Meet at either the lock house or the fish pass from 10 am onwards.

Further to my last report about this, we have found a possible way to reduce legal fees and are continuing to investigate. 

I have had no response following my last Newsletter, but it would be interesting to know if Friends are for or against it, so I’d be grateful if you could let me know.

Following information reported to you in my last Newsletter, I have just heard this week that we have been chosen as one of the beneficiaries of this fund, which is excellent news.  1% of purchases by members are returned to the community and so far £72,835 has been received by causes in our area.  Purchases can cover food, insurance, funeral costs and legal services.  If you would like to consider becoming a member, it costs just £1 and is very easy to do online.

Stores within a 5 mile radius of Doncaster can be found at Mexborough, Becket Road, Doncaster, Woodlands, Bessacarr and Goodison Boulevard.  I realise the shops are not on our doorsteps, but online facilities are available.  I will report further when I have received more information

I hope you will support this project in any way you can, eg by becoming a member of the Co-op and telling friends and neighbours about it, as it could provide much-needed funds for us.

We continue to have enjoyable and fruitful meetings of this group on the last Friday of each month at either Sprotbrough St Mary’s Church Hall or The Stables on Main Street. 

Please do come and join us if you have any information from the period 1925-1965 that you think might be useful

You may remember that one of the grants we received for the SOH group was from Healthwatch and I was invited to go to a meeting this week regarding the utilisation and implementation of technology in patient care.  The gist of the information received was that a patient’s record was accessible by all medical staff involved in their care so that the best treatment could be provided. Mobile phones are being used by all staff to do this and therefore will be apparent on the wards by patients and family members visiting them.  So, if you visit and think staff are wasting time checking their emails or playing games, they are probably just checking a patient’s programme of care!!  They were keen to get this message out to the community, hence my including it here.

Liz Reeve, Secretary

Tel: 01302 313030

Sprotbrough Oral History
Project Manager

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