Monday, 4 February 2019


Dear All

Just a reminder about the ……..

Litter Pick in the Gorge, 
on the Warmsworth side near the fish pass 
and on the Sprotbrough side on Nursery Lane 
on Saturday 9 February from 9 am to 12 noon

We would love to see you there.  Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.  Meet either near the Fish Pass or near the Boat Inn.  Equipment will be provided.

To add to the news about the missing litter bins last week, we have had another incident of vandalism this week when one of the hides had its windows, ledges and seats smeared with black grease.  It almost makes you want to cry that some people are so intent on causing damage and being so disruptive of people’s simple pleasures in this way

Our meeting last Friday 1 February at St Mary’s Church Hall was once again a great success.  Sixteen people turned up, despite the snow and cold, to spend two hours chatting and remembering amid laughter and amazement that such things were possible.  Sheets of paper were spread around the room with lots of different topic headings so that people could write their memories down, and a couple of interviews were begun with scribes doing the prompting and writing.  Since then, I have spent a day and a half typing these up so that their stories can be continued at future meetings or in individual interviews. 

We agreed we should meet monthly and this will take place on the last Friday of each month until April 2020.  The next meeting will take place on Friday 22 February 2019.  We have a long list of people wanting to be interviewed and their memories will play a large part in the book that is produced at the end of that time. 

Meetings are open to anyone interested in sharing or learning about the history of Sprotbrough Village from 1925 to 1965, so do feel free to come and meet other enthusiasts, as well as to tell others about it. 

For information, the address for the SOH Blog which provides all the news about this can be found as follows:

Or just by searching for Sprotbrough Oral History

Do look us up and follow our activities.

If you have visited Sprotbrough woods in the last week or two, you will have noticed that quite a lot of tree felling has taken place.  I have already written what I know about it on the blog, so please check it out.

Liz Reeve, Secretary

Tel: 01302 313030

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