Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I have been informed by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust that the contractors for Northern Powergrid are widening the wayleave strip in Sprotborough Plantation this autumn. The strip directly under the powerlines will be cut on a 3 year rotation, and a couple of trees either side of the original strip will be felled (probably on a 10 year rotation). This widening will provide a good graded edge along the woodland and will also widen the track to improve access.

Signs will put up in the autumn to explain that the work is necessary to protect the power lines, and that the following benefits to the wildlife can be expected:

·         Variety of ages of trees - some insects and birds need/prefer young trees
·         More dead wood created - places for bats to roost (standing dead trees) and beetle larvae to grow
·         More butterflies and other insects
·         More light to the woodland floor, so more flowers

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