Thursday, 26 April 2012


It was with some relief that the hairpin bend was reopened earlier than expected and I am sure many will be thankful that their journeys have been shortened as a result.  I was, however, surprised to hear that a number of people have actually telephoned the council to complain that the renovation of the road and footpath has spoiled the countryside feel of the road.  For those who have lived in Sprotborough for many years, I would suggest that such a 'feel' was lost about fifty years ago when all the new houses were built and roads created.  I well remember the Park and Melton Road gaining 'manicured' status in the 1960s when footpaths and kerbs were put in.  With the addition of hundreds of houses, it was inevitable that usage of the river bridges as a route to the A1(M) would increase and so it has.  It is therefore useless to complain that a worn-out road and footpath have been renewed as it is now a main thoroughfare.  Personally, I think they have done an excellent job, creating run-offs for the rain, banking up soil so that car parkers cannot ruin the verges and improving a footpath that was a danger to users.

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